1.What is the mailing address to your office?

Office mailing address:


2.Where can I find the address or phone number to BORAGOLD?

Our phone number is +16783080691.

3.Who can I contact regarding an issue with BORAGOLD?

Please contact store customer service at 6783080691, or send an email to info@boragold.com. You will receive a reply within 1-2 business days.

4.How do I obtain a copy of my receipt?

For purchases made in BORAGOLD please contact us at (678) 3080691, or send an email to info@boragold.com.

5.Why was my credit card charged when my order was declined?

Credit cards can be declined for several reasons; incorrect billing information is the most common. Any time this occurs, your bank may place a hold on the funds which will appear as a pending transaction. Since your account has not been charged the hold will be removed within 3-5 business days, depending on your bank. If you need the hold released immediately, you will need to contact your bank and they may release the hold without any assistance from us. If your bank needs verification from us, please obtain the information required along with their fax and telephone number. We will then contact your bank and have the hold released as soon as possible.

6.Who should I contact if I am not able to login to my BORAGOLD account?

Please send us an email with your user name to info@boragold.com and we will reset your password.

7.How long will it take to receive my order?

All orders placed on boragold.com require a combination of order processing time and shipping time. Order processing time is determined by the item(s) that you are ordering. Most items will be shipped within 1-2 business days however there are some exceptions. These exceptions are listed on each items' product detail page. For more information regarding order processing time, please refer to the Order Processing section of our page.

Shipping time is determined by the shipping method that you choose when you place your order (Between 7-31 Days). For more information regarding shipping and delivery methods, please refer to the Shipping and Delivery Options section of our page.

8.When will my order ship?

All orders placed on boragold.com will be shipped once the order has been processed. Order processing time is determined by the item(s) that you are ordering. Most items will be shipped within 1-2 business days however there are some exceptions. These exceptions are listed on each items' product detail page. For more information regarding order processing time, please visit the Order Processing section of our page. If your order has gone past these guidelines, please feel free to contact us.

9.Why did I only receive part of my order?

It is our goal to ensure that all customers receive their merchandise in the timeliest manner possible. If all the items on an order are not available to ship from one location we will, at no additional charge to you, fulfill the order from multiple locations. When this occurs you will receive a shipment confirmation email with multiple tracking numbers. In some cases these shipments will arrive on different days. If you did not receive a shipment confirmation email please contact us.

10.Why do you require an adult signature for delivery?

An adult signature is required for insurance and security reasons and to ensure your purchase arrives safely in your hands. If you are not able to be home to sign for the package, it is possible to make other arrangements. Please visit the Package Protection Policy section of our page.

11.Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We are currently able to ship internationally.

12.Does BORAGOLD offer Curbside Pickup?

No because BORAGOLD is only an online store.  

13.Why is my white gold jewelry turning yellow?

Gold does not occur as white in its natural state. White gold is created by alloying yellow gold with other metal(s) to give it a white color. Most white gold jewelry is then plated in rhodium, a form of platinum, to give it an extremely high white sheen. Over time this plating may wear away and some jewelry may start to exhibit a yellowish tint. Exposure to certain chemicals such as chlorine, or acids can cause this process to occur more quickly. When this occurs, the jewelry will need to be re-plated in rhodium to restore the original color.

14.My sterling silver jewelry is turning black when I wear it every day. Why does this happen?

There are many factors that can accelerate the tarnish rate of sterling silver jewelry. Changes in hormone balance, a high level of amino acids in perspiration, along with certain medications, cosmetics, and skin lotions are the most common. Try cleaning your silver jewelry with a mild dish washing detergent and water after wearing it, and be sure to completely dry it. This will help remove skin oils or perspiration and may help keep silver jewelry clean and bright longer.

15.Does BORAGOLD offer any type of payment plans?

BORAGOLD offer to their customers to purchase an item and make payments. You can apply it with Affirm app, when you make the purchase online.

16.Does BORAGOLD offer layaway?

Layaway is offered on most items through our website only. Layaways require a 10% deposit of the items total for a product.

Final payment must be made within 6 Months, how you choose to pay for the item is at your discretion. Items are not shipped until paid in full. Layaway guarantees the price of the item, not availability. If the item is no longer available after your order is completely paid off, please allow for 2 to 8 weeks to complete the production of the item.

Any cancellations will result in a refund in the form of credit toward a future purchase. Payments made towards a custom item are non-refundable. Upon completion of your layaway if we detect an issue with your item your order will be fully refunded.

17.What is BORAGOLD return policy?

All returns are subject to approvable by management of BORAGOLD LLC.

Returns on altered, sized or special order merchandise will not be accepted. the return time frame will be between 3-30 Days. After your time purchased.

18.How do I return an item that I purchased on boragold.com?

When you receive your purchase from BORAGOLD, examine it carefully. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, please email us at info@boragold.com to verify that you are within the return period. Once you have verified that you are within the return period, please follow the return instructions below based on your original order type. Standard Online Orders- Either log in to your BORAGOLD account or view your Order Status below (if you don’t have a BORAGOLD account) to start your return process and print your pre-paid shipping label.

19.When will I receive a refund for my BORAGOLD.COM return?

When we receive your package at our order center, your return will be processed within 1-2 business days. If you provided an email address you will receive an email confirmation when the return is processed. Please be aware that it is not uncommon for the credit card issuer to take 3-5 business days from the date we issue the refund to process the refund to your account. If your return is outside of this time frame, please feel free to contact us to check the status.

20.What is the BORAGOLD diamond trade-in policy?

The BORAGOLD diamond trade-in policy allows a customer to trade any diamond jewelry towards another diamond purchase provided the customer has either the original diamond warranty or the original sales receipt. The net purchase price of the new diamond jewelry must be at least double the net purchase price of the diamond jewelry being used for the trade-in. For example; If you bought a $1000 diamond from BORAGOLD and your new purchase is for a $2000 diamond, your net cost would be $1000, the amount of the new purchase less your trade amount (this example does not include taxes or any other fees, such as sizing). The original diamond jewelry must not be chipped, cracked, or damaged in any way. Taxes and other charges are not included in determining the trade-in value of your original diamond jewelry.


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