The company was founded by Rodney Bossola, a Venezuelan immigrant, in the year 2020, who decided to settle in the United States and be part of this great country, to provide a better quality of life for his children, and with his vision of long-term business and entrepreneurship, decided to start the business with the online sale of jewelry (Real Gold 10K/14K/18K), offering its customers a large collection of jewelry, with an affordable price for our customers. customers, and providing excellent customer service to position ourselves as the number one online store in the United States and worldwide, and we let our distinguished customers know that we are a company with solid fair, honest, transparent values ​​with the sole purpose of be the first option in the mind of everyone who thinks of buying jewelry. We are grateful to be able to serve you with dedication and care.

Thanks to our customer for trusting Us!!!

Sincerely @rodneybossola @boragold_usa



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